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Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

Natural Wood Flooring

Wichita's Largest Selection of Wood Flooring

Jabara's also has a huge inventory of solid and engineered hard wood floors. Our stock is always changing but we often carry lines in hickory, oak, maple, and more. All in stock and all price the Jabara's way. Since our stock selection is always changing due to the great deals we get on them, please browse below for current, orderable lines of wood flooring.

Benefits of professional installation

Wood Flooring Installers
Wood Flooring Grain

Hardwood & Softwood

Wood flooring comes in two varieties, softwood and hardwood. It goes without saying that these varieties of woods have different strengths and weaknesses that should be taken into consideration before purchase. Softwood flooring comes from conifer trees (pines, cedar, etc.) and has been used for centuries for furniture and constructing homes. Hardwoods come from your deciduous trees (the ones that turn pretty in the fall. oak, maple, etc). Hardwood flooring is going to be more durable than softwood, however, both are considerably well-wearing and either option would be a great addition to any home. Please note that hardwoods and softwoods are a biological term and have no meaning when it comes to "hardness" of the wood. Although you may enjoy the look of a particular wood, your climate may be too detrimental to a particular flooring option with seasonal swelling. Depending on wear, you will also want to consider thickness of board, as refinishing requires sanding off the finish. The thicker the board, the more times you'll be able to refinish your floor and the more life you'll get out of it.

Wood floor cleaning tips


Installing Wood Floors

Wood flooring is great whether you're wanting a DIY project or to hire flooring installation professionals. With the diversity of woods, treatments and finishes, you're bound to have a beautiful original floor once installed. Depending on how much sweat equity you're looking to put into your flooring, you can decide on unfinished or pre-finished flooring planks strips or parquet. Stop by Jabara's Flooring Superstore and we'll answer all your wood flooring needs, let you walk on the wood of your choice and consult you on subflooring and the best flooring for your budget.

Installing Wood Flooring
Wood Flooring Types

Wood Types

Domestic Woods
Hickory, Walnut, Red Oak, White Oak, Rustic Oak, Maple, American Cherry, Black Walnut, Ash, Beech and Birch.

Exotic Woods
Brazilian Cherry, Tigerwood, Australian Cypress, Rosewood, Mahogany, Chestnut, Hickory, Brazilian Walnut, Cork, Bamboo, Teak, Brazilian Oak and Brazilian Maple. We're able to order any wooden flooring your project requires.


Why you Should Choose Wood Flooring for your Home

Wood floors are synonymous with rich decor and is the number one choice of flooring for most every homeowner. The natural grain beauty and vibrant, natural feeling it exudes are only one of the reasons to go with this exquisite option. On top of looking great in any room, wood flooring can last lifetimes, when cared for properly. Natural wood flooring is more expensive than most flooring options, though the immediate and long-term value it adds to your home is well worth the cost. Wood flooring is on the higher end of flooring option and although laminates and vinyl can attempt to duplicate its appearance, there is no substitute out today that can compete with the quality or aesthetics of a well-maintained wood floor.

Brands We Carry

Armstrong : Hartco, FormicaMohawkNatural CorkQuickStep Shaw , Mannington Paramount 

USFloorsCork USFloorsBamboo Castle Combe Bamboo Hardwoods Wilsonart Bruce Hardwood 

Parquet Wood Floor Installers

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