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Home Improvement

Home Improvement

Jabara's Home Improvement offers quality home improvement merchandise at everyday Jabara's bargain prices. George Jabara Sr. (Dad) opened Jabara's Damaged Freight in Wichita, KS in the late 1970 with only $1000 worth of merchandise. Today, Jabara's Home Improvement has grown to become the best home improvement bargain store in the area! We don't have everything, but everything we do have is a bargain for your home. Check Out Pictures and take a peek at Jabara's Home Improvement.


"Make The Most Of What You Spend!"

Vanities and CabinetsFreight Vanities and Cabinets

Jabara's Home Improvement offers several styles of both finished and unfinished cabinets and vanities. These beautiful wood products make an ideal addition to any bathroom or kitchen and can be easily integrated into your existing wood areas. Suitable for new construction and remodeling, Jabara's offers the very best in home improvement. Choose from finished oak,  unfinished alder and our new white cabinet and vanity lines!



Light FixturesFreight Light Fixtures

Jabara's Home Improvement has over 6,000 light fixtures to choose from. We carry both interior and exterior lights. There are wall mounts, ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, pendants, sconces, outdoor lighting, and much, much more. 100's of styles, 1,000's of choices!


Pre-Hung DoorsFreight Pre-Hung Doors

A good selection at a great price, shop Jabara's for our great metal clad, wood, and fiber glass, exterior and interior doors. With or without windows, Jabara's Home Improvement has a great selection of pre-hung doors.


Paint & Paint SuppliesFreight Paint Supplies

Jabara's has a great selection of paints and stains as well as paint brushes, rollers, painters tape, trays, and a variety of other tools that will allow you to get the biggest or smallest of jobs done in your home or business. We carry both the brands you know, and the brands you need to know about, so shop Jabara's first before you start your next painting project.


Interior Home Improvement Items

There isn't enough room to show you all we have to offer, so this is just a glimpse of all the different items you can get at Jabara's Home Improvement. Remember, make the most of what you spend on: cabinet knobs, faucets, hinges, door hardware, bath hardware, caulking, hand tools, and pre-formed counter tops. All in stock; all at discount prices; and all ready for your home! Check out Current Pictures  of Jabara's Home Improvement

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